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Tessa – Goal Reached!

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We have had one of the most expensive medical years in 2017 but we are still forging ahead thanks to wonderful donors.

Thank you to everyone who helped get Tessa the treatment she needs!

  • Connie Harter
  • Renee McNally
  • MaryAnn Barnes
  • Suzanne Watson
  • Emilie Routson
  • Belinda
Paws In Need

Please Help Goldie

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Goldie needs our help to raise money for her heartworm treatment, teeth extractions, and cancerous tumor removal!

This sweet gal was found in an abandoned house that was condemned and due to be demolished. Before knocking the place down they checked and found her and several other dogs inside. Animal control picked her and the others up, and she entered the shelter severely underweight at just 45lbs. Her age is estimated at 5 years old and she tested heartworm positive. Her front teeth were all worn down to nothing with the roots exposed, 2 of her canines were broken with roots showing, most likely from eating trash and tearing open canned food.

Luckily we were able to get her teeth removed and during her spay came across some cancerous tumors that had to be removed! She was covered in fleas with a skin infection but after some time in her loving foster home she is doing so much better! Goldie has come a long way but still has a ways to go.

Now that she has had a constant supply of food for a few weeks, we estimate she weighs about 65 pounds. She is house trained, crate trained, and can’t wait to get healthy again so she can go off to her forever home!

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Paws In Need

Please Help our Sweet Tessa

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This is our sweet Tessa. She is a foster dog with Paws for Life Animal Rescue here in NC. She found herself stuck at the Franklin County Shelter with two siblings left because the owner did not want to care for them anymore. Her kind eyes drew her foster in and even though she was heartworm positive the foster had to take her into her home and get her well.

The goal is to find her a wonderful forever family to match her amazing spirit. Tessa is roughly age 5. We think she is a Brittany mixed with sheltie. She is 55lbs but could stand to drop 10-15!

She is a lazy gal. She loves to lounge on the couch or floor. She is a people dog and wants to please, kiss, and follow you around! She loves dogs and cats alike. She had lived with 2 male dogs in her previous life. She lives with a male and female dog and 3 cats in her foster home.

Can you help us to get her heartworm free so we can get her into her forever home? HW treatment sucks the rescue funds right down (along with the many other medical surgical cases we face). Paws for Life does not shy away from dogs with medical needs because we know we are their best chance at survival. We rely on your donations to save lives as we are 100% non profit / 100% volunteer and 100% foster system based.

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Fostering Happy Tails

Amazing Maise

Yesterday was a bittersweet day for me. As a foster people often ask you how are you able to give up your foster dogs. The answer is simple. As much as I love them my goal is to help them and make sure they get the best possible life to fit their needs. I’d rather get attached then know they died because I didn’t help.

Maise came to us with dog aggression, somewhat people aggressive, heartworm positive, in heat, and abused. It was clear to say I jumped head first into rescuing her before I realized how much help she needed. The first day I brought her home I could barely touch her, she would stiffen and growl at me. In the crate if I showed her my hand she would try to eat me. This was not a normal dog our rescue would take, or any rescue for that matter. I actually cried the day after I got her thinking this may be the one I couldn’t help. But I wasn’t giving up on her that easy.

I took baby steps with her. Luckily she was very food motivated. We started desensitizing her with the crate and at feeding time. Then we went to Reactive Rover every Saturday thanks to Christie Fernandez at Training Your Best Friend LLC for letting us join her class! Over the last two months she was with me we started to see a whole new dog. She started to bond with me, and trusted me.💜

I’ll never forget that day in class when we took a break and I sat down only to find her crawling in my lap. I knew at that moment we had saved her. Once I gained her trust she let me do almost anything. This dog is truly amazing. She went from an abused past to trusting again.

When I met the Creech family I was very excited. Maise had to be an only dog who could have her own space and they sounded perfect. After losing their last husky to diabetes and cushings disease they fell in love with Maise’s picture and wanted to know more. Once I got to know them things became more clear that Maise could be perfect for them. I told them all of her flaws and how far we had come. When Maise met them she wasn’t that standoff growly girl I had known from day one, but instead she joyfully walked in their house and rolled over for belly rubs. They opted to do a home trial with her at that point.

After the trial was over we got the good news that they were ready to make her part of the family! My heart was so happy. While I love this dog just like one of my own I sleep better at night knowing she will live a happy life getting all the attention and care she deserves. I wanted to share Maise’s story in hopes that people can see what a little love, patience, structure, and positive reinforcement training can do.

Maise is such a special girl, and we are excited to hear of the new adventures she will have in her forever home. 🌞

~ Megan Adcock

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Happy Tails Paws In Need

Romulus – A Paws In Need Rescue

A Ruff Start

Romulus, this handsome big-headed boy, spent nearly a year in our foster program. In the summer of 2015, Romulus was picked up by Franklin County Animal Control at the request of his owner. He had spent the first years of his young life tied to a tree but that didn’t keep his tail from wagging. Eventually, he was adopted from the shelter… but his new owner gave him up after she learned he was heartworm positive. Then, he found temporary refuge with a wonderful, dog-loving family, but couldn’t stay there because his main caregiver was suffering from severe arthritis.

Woeful Times

I was in contact with the family and eventually began to foster this big baby in December 2015. Early on this sweet boy didn’t get much attention at events or online. I spent lots of time helping socialize Romulus and teaching him house manners. During the summertime of 2016, Romulus got his first chance. Unfortunately, he broke out of his crate and “rearranged” and destroyed some things in his adopter’s home. He was returned to the rescue. Then, during the fall, he had his second chance. However, the potential adopter’s dog was not too fond of having a new dog in the house. They said Romulus was not able to be himself so again, he was returned. They say third time is a charm, right???

[text-blocks id=”polaroid” classes=”happy-tails” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/romulus-300×300.jpg” width=”300″ height=”300″ text=”Romulus Finds a Home” plain=”1″]Third Times a Charm

Well, this sweet story proves this to be true! Romulus met a nice family at an adoption event in Knightdale and they loved his calm demeanor. When Romulus went on his third home trial, I said if it didn’t work out this time I was planning to adopt him myself! I warned the new family that Romulus is an escape artist and recommended they use zip ties for his crate. A few days in to the home trial, pictures were sent of Romulus’ interior decorating skills. I was worried this was going to lead to him being returned again. The family said it was okay and he is still a good dog. They purchased zip ties following the incident.

A few days later, I received a wonderful e-mail saying Romulus did great with their young nephew and with their elderly parents and that they wanted him to stay forever. It was a Christmas miracle for Romulus! Now he has two human siblings, one fur sister and two parents to call his own. Happy life, sweet Romulus, and thank you to all the wonderful people who took part in helping save this big-headed baby from the shelter!

~ Laura Honeycutt

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Have a Heart, Save a Heart

Paws For Life ♥HEARTworm Valentine’s Fundraiser

A Better Valentine

Don’t give into the commercial Valentine hype! Forget about flowers, forget about chocolate (especially if you are buying a gift for your dog). We’re ok if, perhaps, you want to adopt a puppy… but the best way you can help this Valentine’s Day is by saving a ♥heart. Show your special-someone you love them by gifting them a ♥heart… help us save ♥heartworm positive dogs by donating in their name. Read on to learn more, or click here to save a heart, by donating now!

Paws In Need

Our newest program here at Paws For Life is called “Paws In Need“. It’s designed to allow us to rescue more animals that have medical conditions that would typically prevent them from being rescued. The most noteworthy, and most common – yet treatable – medical condition we see is ♥heartworm.

[text-blocks id=”polaroid” classes=”happy-tail-photo” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/16700301_717422171750445_8466762255638606041_o-300×169.jpg” width=”300″ height=”169″ text=”Sample Hand-Written Cards” plain=”1″]What Are ♥Heartworms

♥Heartworms are transmitted through tick or mosquito bites, and they find their way to the ♥heart to lay their eggs. Once hatching, the worms can limit the function of the ♥heart. Therefore, if not treated, can cause permanent life-threatening damage to the ♥heart muscles. Strays and surrendered animals typically aren’t given the monthly preventative care they need to ward off the worms. As a result, ♥heartworm positive dogs are a very common problem at shelters. We’ve decided that this sad happen-stance isn’t fair to them, so we’re working hard to change their fate.

De-worming a ♥heartworm positive dog is an involved process which requires various tests to gauge the extent of the infection (read more about the process on WebMD’s de-worming dogs page). So, even with the reduced prices given to us by many of our vet sponsors, it typically runs us about $500 for a treatment.

What You’ll Get

Last year we were able to save nearly 40 dog’s lives! However this year, with your help, we’re looking to save even more! When you donate as part of our fundraiser, we’ll send your loved one a personalized card. It’ll feature a picture of a dog they are helping save, along with a message of your choosing that we’ll hand write on the back. It’s a gift that is much more personal than either chocolate or flowers. It’s got all the feels… definitely will warm your significant other’s ♥heart.

Donate Now

Click the donate button below and fill out the form. Choose an amount to donate, and a message you’d like us to write in the card… and let us know who to send it to. Then, click the “submit” button to donate through PayPal. Every dollar helps and we really appreciate your donation. At $500 per ♥heartworm treatment, we’ve got lots to raise to meet our goal, so please also consider sharing with your friends!

Save A Heart, Donate Now!

Happy Tails

Stryker – From Chains to Snuggles

From chained outdoors, to beds indoors

[text-blocks id=”polaroid” classes=”happy-tail-photo” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/stryker-before-and-after-300×300.jpg” width=”300″ height=”300″ text=”Before and After Picture” plain=”1″]Stryker was a dog advertised for $60 on Facebook. After seeing how pitiful he was we knew we had to do something! Over a week and a half his foster put together a plan to get him with the help he needed with the support of our awesome volunteers!

When we picked him up he was living outdoors on a chain, was covered in motor oil, tested heartworm positive, wasn’t neutered, and was in dire need of some TLC.😟 Since taking him into our program in November we have neutered him, rushed to raise funds and treated the heartworms, and taught him how to be an indoor dog in order to get him ready for adoption!

Today Stryker went to his furever home with his new mom and dad, the Johnson family. Recently the Johnson’s had lost both of their husky girls who had meant the world to them. After meeting several of our huskies, they were ready to take him home; as Stryker quickly had won them over with his goofy charm. Finally he’ll live out the rest of his days as one big spoiled pup who only knows the good in life. Can’t wait to visit our buddy in the future! 😘