Triple Dog Adoption Day!

TRIPLE Adoption Day!🐕🐕🐕


Leonardo who will be called Leo for short was adopted this afternoon to his new mom Abby! Abby saw his pic and immediately felt a connection. She wasn’t looking for a dog but knew she had to add him to the family! She has waited a few weeks since applying to finally take this boy home today. He’s already being spoiled and will have a dog sister to play with in his new home!


Shredder was the next to be adopted by his dad Darren! His new name will be Bauer. His dad works for the Carolina Hurricanes and has had a busy life. He had been waiting to get a puppy for a few years as he wanted to be sure he could give the puppy everything it needs. It was clear how happy his new dad was today. He couldn’t stop smiling and petting the little guy as we completed the adoption! Nothing but happy days ahead for those two!


Last but not least Buttercup found her forever home today too! Her mom Brianne works at one of our favorite vets Heritage Animal Hospital Wake Forest, NC! When she applied we knew she would be a great fit for one of our puppies. Brianne will soon be off to vet school and miss Buttercup now known as Derby will be joining her! Lots of adventures ahead.🐾🐾

~ Megan Adcock

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One thought on “Triple Dog Adoption Day!

  1. Susan says:

    Triple Dog Dare when you were a kid, a triple play in baseball, and then a triple adoption! Wow…great day in the world of rescue!

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