Teddy – A Happy Tail

It’s been two months since we got Teddy so I just wanted to check in. We can not thank you enough for finding him for us. He has been the most amazing dog for both me and Matt!

He runs with me every day and is getting better and better on the leash. He LOVES to swim and we have taken him as often as we can out at Falls Lake and the beach. The beach has been his favorite so far. He can swim and chase birds, what else does he need?!

He is exceptionally spoiled and spends every day either working from home with me or at the office with Matt. He has even been sneaking his way into the bed at night. He’s so laid back and loves to snuggle with anyone. Teddy is great with other dogs but doesn’t love to share his favorite things (including me).

He is growing like crazy and has put on 16 lbs in the two months we’ve had him and is up to 39lbs. He’ll be a big boy! I am just so thankful for you and the Franklin County Humane Society for finding him.

~ Hilary & Matt

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