Amazing Maise

Yesterday was a bittersweet day for me. As a foster people often ask you how are you able to give up your foster dogs. The answer is simple. As much as I love them my goal is to help them and make sure they get the best possible life to fit their needs. I’d rather get attached then know they died because I didn’t help.

Maise came to us with dog aggression, somewhat people aggressive, heartworm positive, in heat, and abused. It was clear to say I jumped head first into rescuing her before I realized how much help she needed. The first day I brought her home I could barely touch her, she would stiffen and growl at me. In the crate if I showed her my hand she would try to eat me. This was not a normal dog our rescue would take, or any rescue for that matter. I actually cried the day after I got her thinking this may be the one I couldn’t help. But I wasn’t giving up on her that easy.

I took baby steps with her. Luckily she was very food motivated. We started desensitizing her with the crate and at feeding time. Then we went to Reactive Rover every Saturday thanks to Christie Fernandez at Training Your Best Friend LLC for letting us join her class! Over the last two months she was with me we started to see a whole new dog. She started to bond with me, and trusted me.💜

I’ll never forget that day in class when we took a break and I sat down only to find her crawling in my lap. I knew at that moment we had saved her. Once I gained her trust she let me do almost anything. This dog is truly amazing. She went from an abused past to trusting again.

When I met the Creech family I was very excited. Maise had to be an only dog who could have her own space and they sounded perfect. After losing their last husky to diabetes and cushings disease they fell in love with Maise’s picture and wanted to know more. Once I got to know them things became more clear that Maise could be perfect for them. I told them all of her flaws and how far we had come. When Maise met them she wasn’t that standoff growly girl I had known from day one, but instead she joyfully walked in their house and rolled over for belly rubs. They opted to do a home trial with her at that point.

After the trial was over we got the good news that they were ready to make her part of the family! My heart was so happy. While I love this dog just like one of my own I sleep better at night knowing she will live a happy life getting all the attention and care she deserves. I wanted to share Maise’s story in hopes that people can see what a little love, patience, structure, and positive reinforcement training can do.

Maise is such a special girl, and we are excited to hear of the new adventures she will have in her forever home. 🌞

~ Megan Adcock

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Oh Phoenix…

Oh Phoenix where do I start……🙄

Smelly & Orange

I remember getting a call asking to save your life from a shelter worker right after christmas. What they explained to me was a stressed husky who was freaked out. After waking up from your neuter you were not ok with strange people vaccinating you, so you bit the vet tech. The shelter called you a pain in the butt and allowed no one to touch you. Staff got in touch with me thanks to Danielle Jones and we were told if he couldn’t come to rescue he was set to be euthanized. Many people just don’t understand the husky breed and how they react in stressful situations. Without hesitation or meeting you I said yes I’ll take him.

A Different Dog

The day we picked you up in the target parking lot where staff met us you instantly tried to bite. You were scared, not treat motivated, and not willing to get in my crate to hold home. After 30 mins of looking like a crazy lady in target parking lot I outsmarted you and you were in the crate and on the way to our house. You were orange stained, smelled horrible with matted fur in spots. I had no idea how I was going to give you a bath considering I wasn’t your friend yet. Thankfully you loved Stuart Adcock and gave him hardly any trouble.

Over the last 2 months you’ve learned to trust and turned into a completely different dog then we had picked up. You overcame your food aggression, and learned to listen. I couldn’t be happier to hand you off to your new family who I know will take the best care of you. After all, your mom’s a vet tech who has a sister for you to be best buds with.🐺🐺

A Life With Chrystal & Kiki

Thank you Chrystal Ann for wanting to adopt this crazy boy and make him part of your family. I know he will get to enjoy long walks with you and Kiki. He will learn even more and have a great mom who will make sure he has everything he needs and then some. I look forward to seeing updates on him. Thank you for adopting! 💜

~ Megan Adcock

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