Are You Kirby’s New Human?

Anyone looking for a sweet and fun cat who thinks he’s a dog? Our foster, Kirby, has more personality than any cat we’ve had. He fetches better than our lazy dog, plays in the water, and loves to chase the vacuum. He’s also very affectionate. Great with kids, dogs, and probably cats, but ours won’t give him a chance. His adoption fee is only $25 throughout the month of May. He is 6 months old and already neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped. Complete an adoption form at…/cat-adoptions/cat-adoption-form/

Adoption Event – May 26th 2017

Paws For Life Dog Team Adoption Event

The Paws For Life dog team will be at Youngsville Beer & Wine 101

Dogs Youngsville Petco May 26th

  • Brownie: 2–4 yr old male Lab mix; shy at first meeting, but warms up quickly; good with kids & great with other dogs; LOVES back rubs and butt scratches; missing one ear and although it is an old injury, he is a little nervous about the area being touched; past the puppy stage, so his perfect day would be just lounging around with his foster mom & foster siblings
  • Chi Chi: A sweet senior Maltese/Cairn Terrier mix; she loves to give kisses and romp and play in the yard; potty trained; prefers to be the only dog since she has some food/resource-guarding behaviors, but can live with other dogs if they give her space; needs an adult only home or a home with older/teen children who can understand her fears and treat her accordingly – specifically, she doesn’t like her face or nose touched
  • Coal: ~ 4-month-old Shepherd mix; current weight is ~15 lbs; he’s everything puppy
  • Dakota: 3 yr old Lab mix; 52 lbs; very friendly & outgoing boy; loves to play; very dog friendly and thrives with playmates; cat-friendly; walks well on leash and would love a family who would take him for walks regularly; appears to be house trained; prefers to NOT be crated, but will go in one if nudged and is fairly quiet once in—however, he has not been destructive when left out to his own devices so crating may not be necessary
  • Duncan: 1 yr old Lab/Great Dane mix; 65 lbs; sweet boy with lots of energy; house-trained & crate-trained; loves his people and other dogs … loves to chase cats!; favorite toys are Kongs and squeaky toys
  • Duke: 3 year old Husky/Boxer mix; 68 lbs; a huge ball of love; good with kids & cats; LOVES other dogs—so much so that he will need a home with at least one other dog; walks well on leash; house trained & crate trained
  • JC: Hound/Shepherd mix; ~ 40 lbs; dog friendly; ok with confident cats, but will chase timid cats; house trained & crate trained; can easily jump 4 ft fences, so will need a 6 ft fence or a home where he is walked regularly
  • Link: 3 yr old Alaskan Malamute/Siberian Husky mix; 85 lbs; loves other dogs & people—NO cats; a skilled escape artist that can scale almost any fence—should not be off leash in a fenced yard unless the fence is 8 ft or higher and/or hot-wired at the top; has crate anxiety; requires an experienced owner
  • Little Ricky: 1 yr old Boxer mix; loves his people & other dogs; a large fenced yard for him to run & play in would be good for his puppy energy; kid friendly, but may be too energetic and clumsy for young children
  • Maggie: Australian Cattle Dog; 40 lbs; good with kids & dogs … cats unknown; loves to go on walks with her people; loves to run; enjoys laying on the couch and LOVES getting showered with belly rubs; she has very soft fur to run your fingers through; food motivated; crate trained; can jump 4 ft fences
  • Nala: 2 yr old Siberian Husky; loves other dogs & will play all day, so finding a home another dog would be a plus; she loves to snuggle with her people once she knows you … but will need an adjustment period with new people; previous husky experience would be a plus as Nala is looking for a good pack leader; house trained; needs a 6ft fence or higher
  • Serena: ~ 1 yr old Hound mix; 50 lbs; good with other dogs and loves to play with them, but will need proper introduction; ok with cats … will chase if they run … so it is cat-dependent and would need monitoring; ok with kids; likes to go for walks so will need an active family or one with a fenced yard for her to run and play in; she has excellent leash manners … until she sees something to chase like cats, birds, bunnies, butterflies, squirrels, etc.; house-trained; crate-trained and sees her crate as her personal safe place; loves chew toys
  • Tom: ~ 1 yr old Wirehaired Fox Terrier mix; 24 lbs; SWEET boy who is his absolute happiest when he is with his people; he is still learning to trust but once he warms up to you, he can be affectionate; respects cats but simply LOVES other dogs and running & playing with them outside; he loves toys too – bones and hooves are some of his favorites; currently working on leash and potty training

Two Down, Eight To Go!

[text-blocks id=”polaroid” classes=”happy-tails-photo” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/rosemary-1-e1489196509650-300×212.jpg” width=”300″ height=”212″ text=”Rosemary & Company” plain=”1″]10 Little Puppies

A few weeks back a litter of 10 Australian Shepherd lab mix puppies were being given away. That’s when I had undercover volunteers step in to get the puppies out of harm’s way. They were given up at 5wks old because owner wanted them gone. They were covered in fleas, and had a belly full of worms. When they came to me they would only eat canned food. We made sure they got the vetting, love and attention needed to grow strong. Now they will all be headed off to bright futures.

A Double Adoption Night[text-blocks id=”polaroid” classes=”happy-tails-photo” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/poppy-e1489196537152-266×300.jpg” width=”266″ height=”300″ text=”Poppy’s New Parents” plain=”1″]


Rosemary was the first to be adopted out of the litter of 10! She will enjoy life with her new family in Greensboro. What a lucky girl to have 4 kids to keep her company and a puppy pikenese sister to grow up with! She will be one busy, but happy girl!


Poppy went home just an hour later to join her new mom and dad in Wake Forest. Her new parents had recently lost their furbaby and really missed having one around. When we took Poppy over to her new home tonight they had already bought her lots of goodies to enjoy. We know they will enjoy raising another beautiful girl to have by their side!

🐶🐶= Double Adoption Night!

~ Megan Adcock

Adoption Events – March 11th 2017

Join us again for our weekly adoption events! Our cat adoption team will be at the Wake Forest and Knightdale Petcos . While the Paws For Life dog team will be at Petco Knightdale and Petsmart Wake Forest .

Petco — Knightdale ()

Petco Knightdale Saturday March 11th

  • Hershey: Lab/Rottweiler mix; cute little girl with an estimated birthday of 12/28/16
  • Little Ricky: 1 yr old Boxer mix; loves his people & other dogs; a large fenced yard for him to run & play in would be good for his puppy energy; kid friendly, but may be too energetic and clumsy for young children
  • Sage: 1 yr old Lab/Chow mix; 50 lbs; very sweet, adorable girl who is crate trained & house trained; LOVES going for walks; loves people & other dogs, but chases cats; stuffed squeaky toys and cow hooves are her favorite indoor activities.
  • Trooper: 12 year old Doberman mix; very sweet old man who just wants a human to hang out with and take long naps in his bed or the couch; limited in his vision and hearing; doesn’t mind cats but doesn’t like another dog in his face

Petsmart — Wake Forest ()

Petsmart Wake Forest Saturday March 11th

  • Chi-Chi: A sweet senior Maltese/Cairn Terrier mix; she loves to give kisses and romp and play in the yard; potty trained; prefers to be the only dog since she has some food/resource-guarding behaviors, but can live with other dogs if they give her space; needs an adult only home or a home with older/teen children who can understand her fears and treat her accordingly – specifically, she doesn’t like her face or nose touched Read her story.
  • Gypsy: 3 yr old Lab mix; sweet, stoic nature; she has two speeds: all out or couch potato; she would LOVE a large fenced yard to run & play in; loves children & can live with other dogs & cats; she finds crates insulting; you can confidently leave her with run of the house with no worries of destruction… she will pretty much be where you left her
  • Lucy: Beagle/Lab mix; 25 lbs; sweet, shy girl; dog & cat friendly; likes people but needs time to warm up to you; she is looking for a stable, quiet home and a desire to share your warm bed
  • Murphy: 3 year old hound mix; extremely laid back; good with kids cats other dogs; loves ear scratches belly rubs and giving kisses
  • Xena: 2 yr old Boxer mix; shy but loving girl that LOVES attention & treats; great with other dogs & cats; loves to run and play; crate trained & house trained ♥ ♥ ♥

Pumpkin’s Journey

[text-blocks id=”polaroid” classes=”happy-tails-photo” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/17016037_10154053417326442_3422647077419505932_o-e1488763807276-294×300.jpg” width=”294″ height=”300″ text=”Pumpkin’s New Family” plain=”1″]The Wait Is Finally Over

We are so thrilled to announce the adoption of our sweet girl PUMPKIN!! She has waited and waited for the right people to come along. Pumpkin was found walking around the Bunn area heartworm positive, skinny, sick and sad looking with nails for miles. That was back in 2015. She has had a couple foster homes during that time and even a stint in boarding Heritage Animal Hospital Wake Forest, NC when we were short on a foster for her. She was treated by Paws For Life for her heartworm and doing so well now.

The Mohlmann Family saw her photograph and heard her story. They wanted to do a trial within 3 days they knew this was the gal that would become their family member. She is adjusting so well to living with this family. She is obedient and smart and gives them all love and attention. Thank you to Colin, Melanie, Ethan and Kailey for adopting Pumpkin. It was obvious how much she loves you all already!! Furthermore, a big thank you to all the fosters along the way – Cindy, Noel, Juli, Cecile and Pete, (and anyone we else missed during) – during the 18 months she has been in our care!

Introducing for the first time with a new last name Pumpkin Mohlmann!!

Oh Phoenix…

Oh Phoenix where do I start……🙄

Smelly & Orange

I remember getting a call asking to save your life from a shelter worker right after christmas. What they explained to me was a stressed husky who was freaked out. After waking up from your neuter you were not ok with strange people vaccinating you, so you bit the vet tech. The shelter called you a pain in the butt and allowed no one to touch you. Staff got in touch with me thanks to Danielle Jones and we were told if he couldn’t come to rescue he was set to be euthanized. Many people just don’t understand the husky breed and how they react in stressful situations. Without hesitation or meeting you I said yes I’ll take him.

A Different Dog

The day we picked you up in the target parking lot where staff met us you instantly tried to bite. You were scared, not treat motivated, and not willing to get in my crate to hold home. After 30 mins of looking like a crazy lady in target parking lot I outsmarted you and you were in the crate and on the way to our house. You were orange stained, smelled horrible with matted fur in spots. I had no idea how I was going to give you a bath considering I wasn’t your friend yet. Thankfully you loved Stuart Adcock and gave him hardly any trouble.

Over the last 2 months you’ve learned to trust and turned into a completely different dog then we had picked up. You overcame your food aggression, and learned to listen. I couldn’t be happier to hand you off to your new family who I know will take the best care of you. After all, your mom’s a vet tech who has a sister for you to be best buds with.🐺🐺

A Life With Chrystal & Kiki

Thank you Chrystal Ann for wanting to adopt this crazy boy and make him part of your family. I know he will get to enjoy long walks with you and Kiki. He will learn even more and have a great mom who will make sure he has everything he needs and then some. I look forward to seeing updates on him. Thank you for adopting! 💜

~ Megan Adcock

[text-blocks id=”polaroid” classes=”main-image-inline” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/17190765_10208558543228960_4448772708605285234_n-225×300.jpg” width=”225″ height=”300″ text=”Smelly & Orange” plain=”1″]
[text-blocks id=”polaroid” classes=”main-image-inline” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/16996365_10208558542628945_9181099876638757133_n-e1488762676615-220×300.jpg” width=”220″ height=”300″ text=”Stuart Love” plain=”1″]
[text-blocks id=”polaroid” classes=”main-image-inline” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/17098204_10208558542388939_5816799061665058921_n-e1488762651938-218×300.jpg” width=”218″ height=”300″ text=”With Chrystal & Kiki” plain=”1″]