Earn While You Walk

Take Your Walk For A Dog

We’ve registered with WoofTrax to allow you to support us just by walking your dog! Simply download their “Walk for a Dog” app for your phone, and choose Franklin County Humane Society (our parent company) from the North Carolina “Walking For” list. Then, make sure to remember and start the app and say which of your dogs you’re walking whenever you are talking a stroll! You walk, we earn, animals are saved. Make sure to tell your friends!

WoofTrax Walk for a Dog App

Things To Keep In Mind

  • Be sure to take a walk at least once a week with the app to be counted as an active walker for us.
  • Check the Impact tab of the app to see how many other people are walking for for our organization.
  • WoofTrax donates based on the number of people actively walking, the more people actively walking, the more donations we’ll receive!
  • Don’t have a dog? Walk with Cassie (WoofTrax’s virtual dog), walk a neighbor’s dog, with a dog from a nearby shelter or rescue, or walk in memory of a dog you loved. You don’t have to have a dog to help us earn!

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