Super Bowl Sunday – Pawty Time!

Watch out what you feed your pets!

It's that time of year again! Gearing up for a great weekend of football and food with friends! Whether you'll be watching professionals play or you'll be watching the rookies duke it out at the Puppy Bowl, we're sure you'll be eating great food. Therefore, please keep in mind that there are many foods that should be kept away from your pets! People Magazine has compiled a great list of munchies to watch out for. So we definitely recommend reading the article over to make sure to keep your pets stay safe this weekend! Have a great one!

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One thought on “Super Bowl Sunday – Pawty Time!

  1. This is nice article, I liked this very much.
    I love to have a pet in home and I have a dog in my house. He always playing with me and with other family members, we think that he is also one our family member. So I feel this is such a nice article for the pet lovers.

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