Sugar and Cookie… Everything Sweet

A Sweet Foster’s Story

My son and I started fostering kittens for Franklin County Humane Society of NC in . We had assorted kitties come through our home and stay from one week to maybe three weeks at the most before finding their forever homes.

This past February we welcomed to our home sibling kittens with classic Turkish Van markings and the softest bunny like fur. These kittens were sweetest most gentle kittens and they were very bonded. They did everything together, walking in unison and hooking their tails while they slept. We named them Sugar and Cookie.

Sugar was adopted in early April to a wonderful family who fell in love with her and just had to have her. I tried to have them adopt Cookie too, but they couldn’t adopt two at that time. Poor Cookie cried all the way home he missed his sister so much. Cookie had three adoption applications that fell through, it just wasn’t meant to be. May and June passed and he was growing into a very handsome young cat and we just couldn’t understand why no one was interested in him, everyone who saw him said he was beautiful and gentle but no takers.

On July 12th I received a heartbreaking email from a couple Marco and Ludmila who were interested in Cookie, their beloved cat Pierro passed away. He was 16 and had a bone marrow disease. They were devastated and Marco was looking on Petfinders and was amazed to see Cookie, who was Pierro’s double! and they wanted him. Through many phone calls and emails his adoption was finalized in a few days. The only obstacle was his new family was in Boston MA. So Ludmila his new mom made arrangements to fly down to Raleigh NC early Saturday morning. My son John and I meet her at the airport with Cookie too and it was like we were already best friends. She is such a loving wonderful lady, smart, beautiful and generous. WE spent the day together going to the vet and getting Cookies health records and certificate visiting our home in Knightdale and meeting the other FCHS foster families at Petco. That afternoon Cookie flew home on the plane! He had his own ticket, no cargo for our special boy. Saying goodbye at the airport was bittersweet, we were missing Cookie already but we knew he found his most perfect forever home where he was meant to be.

We receive weekly updates from Cookie and we are friends on Facebook with his wonderful new family. Cookie helps Marco give piano lessons and is pretty much head of the household.

This past summer Marco and Ludmila traveled to the Czech Republic and of course Cookie had a first class seat right next to them. I posted on Facebook how Cookie has become a world traveler. Much to my surprise my sister Linda wrote that she met Cookie on the plane. She and her family were traveling from France to the Czech Republic and they met Cookie on the plane! Such a small world made better with a kitty!

~ Barbara Coe

Philippians 4:8

8 Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.

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