Spay/Neuter Voucher for Owned Pets – SNIF

Who is Eligible?

Household Income Limits Copay Fee
Under $15,000 Free
$15,001 to $25,000 $30 for cats $45 for dog
$25,001 to $50,000 $45 for cats $65 for dogs

Thank you for helping to end the cycle of unwanted pets. We are pleased to provide low-cost or free options for spay/neuter for pets in Franklin, Northern Wake, or Southern Granville County. To qualify, the pet parent must have a household income of $50,000 or below. The pet parent must provide proof of financial need to qualify. Depending on the income level, the voucher may cover the entire cost of the surgery or there may be a small copay.

When submitting an application, one of the following documents must be provide to determine financial qualifications:

  • Medicaid Card (adult, not child)
  • Letter granting Social Security income (adult, not child) NOT a qualification, unless SS is your only income, proven by providing last year’s tax return or last three bank statements showing deposit of SSI check
  • IRS Form 1040

What is included with the voucher?

  • The voucher includes the surgery, rabies vaccine (if needed), fvrcp vaccine and pain medication.
  • The vet may offer additional services or require testing. It is your responsibility to ask the vet about additional costs that may be required.
  • Additional services that many vets offer, are testing for diseases, additional pain medication, deworming medications, microchips, additional vaccines, pre-surgery bloodwork. Please note: additional services are not covered by your voucher and you are responsible to pay.

How do I redeem a Voucher?
Once your application is approved we will email you a voucher. You can contact the vets and clinics listed on the voucher to arrange an appointment. You will tell them you have a SNIF voucher.
To see the list of vets and clinics who accept our vouchers, click here.

How to apply for a Voucher
To apply online, click here.

If you have questions about the application call us at 919-990-1047.

Please allow 10 business days for your voucher request to be processed.

Additional Spay & Neuter Programs
Those who do not qualify for our program or live outside of Franklin County, you may contact SNAP (Spay & Neuter Assistance Program) for other low cost spay and neuter options. They may be reached at 919-783-7627 or by visiting