Spay/Neuter Surgery for Community Cats (Feral or Stray) – Fix-a-Feral

Qualification Criteria
Thank you for caring about community cats (feral or stray). Your efforts to spay or neuter a community cat is essential in reducing the number of kittens born each year that end up homeless and unwanted. Our Fix-a-Feral voucher program is for unowned cats which many people refer to as community cats or ferals. To qualify, the cat must be located in Granville or Franklin County. There are no income requirements for this voucher. The voucher provides a free spay/neuter surgery, rabies vaccine, and ear tip. You may ask for up to 5 vouchers at a time. Vouchers expire 60 days after issuance.

What is included with the voucher?

  • The vouchers provide a free surgery, rabies vaccine (if needed), FVRCP vaccine, pain medication, and ear tipping for a community cat (feral or stray).
  • The vet may require you to purchase additional services or require testing. It is your responsibility to ask the vet about additional costs that may be required. It is your responsibility to pay for additional required services.
  • Additional services that vets offer are – testing for diseases, additional pain medication, deworming medications, microchips, additional vaccines, pre-surgery bloodwork. Please note: additional services are not covered by your voucher and it is your responsibility to pay for additional services.

How do I redeem a Voucher?
Once your application is approved we will provide you a voucher. You can contact the vets or clinics on the voucher to arrange an appointment. You will tell them you have a Paws for Life Feral Cat voucher.

To see the list of vets who accept our Fix-a-Feral vouchers, click here.

How to Apply
To apply, Click Here.

If you have questions, email

Please allow 10 business days for your voucher request to be processed.