Rutledge – A Happy Tail

[text-blocks id=”polaroid” classes=”happy-tail-photo” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/moo-moo-with-fur-brother-300×225.jpg” width=”300″ height=”225″ text=”Moo-Moo with fur brother” plain=”1″]Formerly Moo-Moo

Hello. I am Rutledge’s human. I adopted him in December from your organization when he grabbed my arm as I passed by his cage at Petco. So many times, adoptions (especially cats) end up in returns, lost cats, etc I just wanted you to know how well Rutledge is doing.

We shared info about his fear of my dog, which abruptly ended on Christmas eve when he decided to emerge from the box springs and lay under the Christmas tree. The two of them now gently tolerate each other and even touch noses as they pass.

It has been up hill since then as I hope some of these pics will indicate. His presence is more like having a small dog in the house as he is friendly to all who enter, responds directly to his name (his third :), and demands attention!!!

~ Donna

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