Surrender an Animal

How to Surrender an Animal to Paws For Life

Paws For Life has limited fostering capacity, and thus, a limit to the number of animals we can take in. We do our best to find forever homes for as many animals as we can. Paws For Life does not operate a facility — we foster out of our homes of volunteers with full-time jobs — so sometimes (sadly often), we can’t take them all in. If you have a stray or pet you are looking to surrender, please consider the following:

    • Consider fostering the dog or cat until they are adopted
    • Please provide as much notice as possible of the need to surrender your animal
    • Be sure you have exhausted all avenues before surrendering (pet pantry for food, training for behavioral issues, etc)
    • Petfinders has a rehome site that helps you find you pet a forever home.

Notice About Feral Cats

Unfortunately, the volunteers here at Paws For Life are not able to take in feral cats! If you are needing to have them fixed, please contact Operation Catnip to get on their waiting list to have them trapped and fixed.

Owner/Stray Surrender Questionnaire

If you’ve come to the hard decision, and need to see if we have capacity, please fill out the following questionnaire. Please note that submitting this form does not imply that Paws For Life Animal Rescue will be able to take in your surrendered animal, it is purely a means to begin the discussion.