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 Homeless Pet Clubs
Homeless Pet Clubs
You, Paws For Life, and Homeless Pet Clubs

At Paws For Life, we're proud to be the first animal rescue in North Carolina to partner with the Homeless Pet Clubs movement! Local schools, scout troops, businesses, or other groups can now start their own Homeless Pet Club. Starting one is simple and free. Once your club is up and running, we will work with you to educate the community on responsible pet ownership, as well as promoting animal rescue and adoption. Your club will also sponsor one of our pets, helping promote them and speed up their adoption!

Hands-on involvement with our pet rescues helps teach compassion for animals, decreases bullying, and also increases responsibility and social skills. All the while, bettering the community, the animal's lives, and your own lives. Help streamline your club's efforts by gaining valuable insights and resources regarding animal rescues. We deal with this everyday, so we can help get your questions answered, and make sure your efforts don't go to waste!

We want to help as many animals as possible, but we can only do that with the support of our community. By starting a club, you'll help even more animals find loving homes. We appreciate it, and we know the animals do too! What are you waiting for?

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About The Homeless Pets Foundation

Paws For Life Animal Rescue has been inspired by The Homeless Pets Foundation founder, veterinarian Dr. Michael Good... and so we were ecstatic when we were able to get involved. We're hoping his vision can inspire others to start their own club and help save more lives. Either by sponsoring one of our pets, or one of the many other rescues across America participating in the cause. His dedication to saving homeless pets is uplifting and life changing, for both pets and us humans.

How It Started

A More Indepth Look

Becoming A Homeless Pet Clubs Partner Rescue

If you are a rescue group or no-kill shelter and would like to join the movement, head over to the Homeless Pet Clubs partner registration page to get started now! Together we can take Dr. Good's vision even further. Let the community feel empowered and involved in helping, even if they can't commit through other means, they can tell a pet's story... and they can help spread awareness for the importance of adopting instead of shopping for pets.

Spread our cause, save some paws!