Cats For Hire Program

Barn And Warehouse Homes Needed

Paws For Life is serving as a resource for both shelters and those who store or sell feed that are in need. When a trapped cat comes in, if there are farms or warehouses available, we will sterilize the cat (if it has not been done previously) and place it in a welcoming barn or warehouse. This program helps our local area  and help save the lives of cats who are at risk in the shelter.

Barn and warehouse cats help to earn their keep by:

  • Controlling the rodent population
  • Reducing your need to use mouse traps or poisons
  • Saving money on feed grain spoilage or loss

To put a cat or cats to work you will need to fill out a request form.  We ask for a donation of $30 each to help offset with cost of any pull fees and  medical care we give them.  They will be flea treated, dewormed, up to date on shots and spayed/neutered when you receive them.

Ready to Hire your Cat(s)?

Fill out a Request Form, or for more information fill out the contact us form and select the “Cats For Hire” topic.

Would you like to Donate to the Cats for Hire Program. Paws For Life pays for their pull fees and medical less any donation when adopted. These cats would appreciate your help.

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We were inspired to start this program after talking with the founders of Spok Animal’s Farm Livin’ Program. Thanks to their support and idea we have been able to get the program up and running with great success!

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