Thanks for your Teamwork… Teamworks!

Behavior Modification Seminar

This past , the Teamworks Dog Training Behavior Modification Seminar provided dog lovers, rescuers, trainers, and parents an opportunity to learn a lot about dog behavior. Some of the topics discussed included “Training Tools for Every Dog”, “Recognizing Different Types of Aggression”, and “Surviving Puppyhood”. In addition to all the great information that was shared, Teamworks partnered with Paws For Life as a rescue organization to raise funds as part of their raffle. Gift baskets of goodies raised $163 dollars which will be used to help us #savemorelives.

If you would be interested in figuring out clever ways to support us or partnering with us, please let us know!!!

About Teamworks Dog Training

Teamworks has an amazing team of trainers that use positive reinforcement to get the best results. They host classes all year long from two convenient locations; in Youngsville and another in Raleigh. Classes start for puppies as young as 8 weeks old. Furthermore, there are 20+ different fun and exciting classes to build a great relationship with your dog! While the classes will help build behavioral healthy traits, Teamworks also offers day school and private/in-home consolation for behavior concerns. Check them out at, and in the meantime, if you want to read more about pet training visit our caring for pets section.

Super Bowl Sunday – Pawty Time!

Watch out what you feed your pets!

It’s that time of year again! Gearing up for a great weekend of football and food with friends! Whether you’ll be watching professionals play or you’ll be watching the rookies duke it out at the Puppy Bowl, we’re sure you’ll be eating great food. Therefore, please keep in mind that there are many foods that should be kept away from your pets! People Magazine has compiled a great list of munchies to watch out for. So we definitely recommend reading the article over to make sure to keep your pets stay safe this weekend! Have a great one!