Applying For Adoption

Ready? Set. Adopt!

Already know how adoptions work here at Paws For Life? Get right to it… otherwise, learn more about our process!

How Does It Work?

Once you have decided you are ready for a pet, you can start the adoption application process! Even if you aren’t sure which pet is right for you yet, you can begin and get pre-approval so once you do decide things can move quickly! Please note that all Paws For Life foster animals live in private foster homes. We do not have a shelter facility that is open to the public.

Screening Process

When adopting from Paws For Life, we have a process in place to make sure our animals are placed in the best forever homes possible. Because of this, we require you supply us with two references that are not related to you and your current veterinarian (when you have had pets in the last 5 years). We’ll contact all of them and ask them some questions to make sure they agree you’ll make a suitable pet owner. If that pans out, we’ll schedule an in-home visit. This can be with the pet you’re interested in (if you’ve found one), or without if you are looking to get pre-approved for adoptions.

What We Check

All applicants must be at least 18 years of age in order to adopt from us. All current and past pets must be up to date on age and species appropriate vaccines, spayed or neutered, have regular (at least annual) veterinary visits, and be current on heartworm preventive.


Paws For Life strives to find the perfect homes for our pets…this means sometimes we decide a home may not be the best fit for a particular animal, or any of our animals. Since our pets live in our foster homes, our fosters know their personalities very well, so they provide significant input on whether a home and family is the right fit for them. However, in some situations, where there is a conflict of interest between the applicant(s) and foster home, we reserve the right to have an impartial third party make the final decision. We have also set some policies over the years that may seem strict. However, if we deny your application it’s not a reflection on how we see you, it simply means you didn’t meet our strict policies…it truly isn’t personal. We promise. 

7-day Trial

We want to make sure our pets will be loved — sometimes in a short visitation window things seem to work out, but in a longer one, the pet just doesn’t work out. Perhaps Fido wants to eat Garfield… that’s why we allow extended in home trials to see how the pets fit with a family.

Litter mates (Dogs)

We do not adopt puppies from the same litter to the same family. Litter mates that are raised together may develop such a strong bond with each other they will not bond with other humans or dogs in the family.