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Paws For Life ♥HEARTworm Valentine’s Fundraiser

A Better Valentine

Don’t give into the commercial Valentine hype! Forget about flowers, forget about chocolate (especially if you are buying a gift for your dog). We’re ok if, perhaps, you want to adopt a puppy… but the best way you can help this Valentine’s Day is by saving a ♥heart. Show your special-someone you love them by gifting them a ♥heart… help us save ♥heartworm positive dogs by donating in their name. Read on to learn more, or click here to save a heart, by donating now!

Paws In Need

Our newest program here at Paws For Life is called “Paws In Need“. It’s designed to allow us to rescue more animals that have medical conditions that would typically prevent them from being rescued. The most noteworthy, and most common – yet treatable – medical condition we see is ♥heartworm.

[text-blocks id=”polaroid” classes=”happy-tail-photo” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/16700301_717422171750445_8466762255638606041_o-300×169.jpg” width=”300″ height=”169″ text=”Sample Hand-Written Cards” plain=”1″]What Are ♥Heartworms

♥Heartworms are transmitted through tick or mosquito bites, and they find their way to the ♥heart to lay their eggs. Once hatching, the worms can limit the function of the ♥heart. Therefore, if not treated, can cause permanent life-threatening damage to the ♥heart muscles. Strays and surrendered animals typically aren’t given the monthly preventative care they need to ward off the worms. As a result, ♥heartworm positive dogs are a very common problem at shelters. We’ve decided that this sad happen-stance isn’t fair to them, so we’re working hard to change their fate.

De-worming a ♥heartworm positive dog is an involved process which requires various tests to gauge the extent of the infection (read more about the process on WebMD’s de-worming dogs page). So, even with the reduced prices given to us by many of our vet sponsors, it typically runs us about $500 for a treatment.

What You’ll Get

Last year we were able to save nearly 40 dog’s lives! However this year, with your help, we’re looking to save even more! When you donate as part of our fundraiser, we’ll send your loved one a personalized card. It’ll feature a picture of a dog they are helping save, along with a message of your choosing that we’ll hand write on the back. It’s a gift that is much more personal than either chocolate or flowers. It’s got all the feels… definitely will warm your significant other’s ♥heart.

Donate Now

Click the donate button below and fill out the form. Choose an amount to donate, and a message you’d like us to write in the card… and let us know who to send it to. Then, click the “submit” button to donate through PayPal. Every dollar helps and we really appreciate your donation. At $500 per ♥heartworm treatment, we’ve got lots to raise to meet our goal, so please also consider sharing with your friends!

Save A Heart, Donate Now!

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