Hadley Update

Hadley wants to say thank you to everyone who donated to and shared her fundraiser! We were able to meet our goal and Hadley had surgery to repair her leg on Wednesday, March 22nd. Sweet Hadley was the victim of a domestic violence situation in which her femur bone was broken at the growth plate. Hadley will be on crate rest for three weeks with very little activity. Even though she has to be crate-rested she is a very happy girl! She is doing very well with potty-training and very rarely uses the bathroom in her crate. She enjoys sitting with her foster parents and quietly chewing a bone, cuddling with her favorite stuffed toy or giving lots of sweet puppy kisses. Hadley is learning that cats can be her friend and when she’s all better, she will finally get to play with other doggies. Please keep Hadley in your thoughts as she continues to heal!

~ Kaitlyn Tickle

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Amazing Maise

Yesterday was a bittersweet day for me. As a foster people often ask you how are you able to give up your foster dogs. The answer is simple. As much as I love them my goal is to help them and make sure they get the best possible life to fit their needs. I’d rather get attached then know they died because I didn’t help.

Maise came to us with dog aggression, somewhat people aggressive, heartworm positive, in heat, and abused. It was clear to say I jumped head first into rescuing her before I realized how much help she needed. The first day I brought her home I could barely touch her, she would stiffen and growl at me. In the crate if I showed her my hand she would try to eat me. This was not a normal dog our rescue would take, or any rescue for that matter. I actually cried the day after I got her thinking this may be the one I couldn’t help. But I wasn’t giving up on her that easy.

I took baby steps with her. Luckily she was very food motivated. We started desensitizing her with the crate and at feeding time. Then we went to Reactive Rover every Saturday thanks to Christie Fernandez at Training Your Best Friend LLC for letting us join her class! Over the last two months she was with me we started to see a whole new dog. She started to bond with me, and trusted me.πŸ’œ

I’ll never forget that day in class when we took a break and I sat down only to find her crawling in my lap. I knew at that moment we had saved her. Once I gained her trust she let me do almost anything. This dog is truly amazing. She went from an abused past to trusting again.

When I met the Creech family I was very excited. Maise had to be an only dog who could have her own space and they sounded perfect. After losing their last husky to diabetes and cushings disease they fell in love with Maise’s picture and wanted to know more. Once I got to know them things became more clear that Maise could be perfect for them. I told them all of her flaws and how far we had come. When Maise met them she wasn’t that standoff growly girl I had known from day one, but instead she joyfully walked in their house and rolled over for belly rubs. They opted to do a home trial with her at that point.

After the trial was over we got the good news that they were ready to make her part of the family! My heart was so happy. While I love this dog just like one of my own I sleep better at night knowing she will live a happy life getting all the attention and care she deserves. I wanted to share Maise’s story in hopes that people can see what a little love, patience, structure, and positive reinforcement training can do.

Maise is such a special girl, and we are excited to hear of the new adventures she will have in her forever home. 🌞

~ Megan Adcock

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Molly – The Jamberry Therapy Dog

Foster Failing, By Nerdy People

So, we foster dogs, and last June, we pulled a pit and her 8 puppies from the local shelter. She was skin and bones, heartworm positive, in bad shape (my husband had to carry her a few times because she was so weak), but very sweet and trusting. Because we’re nerds, we named her Molly, and the puppies got Harry Potter names. It became apparent pretty quickly that Molly Weasley was going to become Molly Mercer.

We got her back to a normal weight, taught her basic manners, got her treated for her heartworm infection, got several tumors removed, and last month, she started a basic obedience class, because we thought she could be a therapy dog. The instructor agreed that she is an ideal dog for this, and is having Moo and a friend’s dog (a rescued mastiff) skip to the next class because they’re doing so great. So we’re going to start level 2 on Tuesday, then it’ll be on to Canine Good Citizen in June (she’ll have to sit 20ft from me for a minute before I call her back 😳), and finally therapy dog certification class!

We are so so proud of our MooMoo! And #becauseofjamberry, I can pay for her classes without touching our budget. She even got a new antler and treats last night because she did do great. And the red mark on her head is lipstick. πŸ˜‚

I think I’ll treat her to a bath and nail trim this weekend, and then she’ll get Jams on her nails, lol!

~ Cecile Mercer

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Geronimo!!!! Where’d Your Fur Go?

Fur can definitely cover how malnourished a dog is!

Geronimo was found as a stray. When no owners turned up he was posted on Craigslist for rehoming. Of course a few wonderful volunteers sent me the post and I sent them a message. Thankfully the finder wanted him to go on a rescue.

My wonderful friend Maria Verde volunteered to pick him up and bring him back to me at the end of last week. At first glance we noticed how dirty he appeared. When touching him you could feel how boney he was underneath all that fur, we also felt the matted fur underneath and knew it was more than we could handle.

The next morning we took him to get his rabies shot so he could be groomed. The vet noted he could hardly get the needle to the skin because of how badly matted he was. When we finally got to the groomers they said he needed to be shaved. As much as I am against shaving a husky there was really not much choice.

When he was picked up I almost cried seeing him without his fur and how skinny he appeared. They told me he has to have 3 baths, and was infested with fleas. πŸ™

Despite being skinny and matted he appears healthy. He is neutered, up on date on shots, and on monthly preventatives now. I can only imagine how beautiful his fur will be once it grows back.

Geronimo is the sweetest boy and will be adopted quickly I’m sure! πŸ˜‰

~ Megan Adcock

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Nadia’s Happy Tail

[text-blocks id=”polaroid” classes=”happy-tails-photo” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/nadia-e1489798590628-300×300.jpg” width=”300″ height=”300″ text=”Nadia Found a Home” plain=”1″]Darling Nadia!

We are so happy to announce that our darling Nadia has been adopted! After a successful home trial she is a keeper! Nadia was found nearly dead, dehydrated, and eaten by maggots as a tiny orphaned kitten. A dedicated foster mom tenderly nursed her back to health. She turned out to be such a sweet soul and a beauty on top of it!
Thank you to all of the foster team who helped Nadia along the way and happy life sweetheart!

River’s Story – Goodness Flows

Goodness Prevails[text-blocks id=”polaroid” classes=”happy-tails-photo” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/river-e1489205387443-300×300.jpg” width=”300″ height=”300″ text=”River Lives!” plain=”1″]

Never grow tired of doing good. Recently while visiting family in Kentucky, we stopped at an antique store in historic Bardstown and a sweet boxer dog named River greeted us. Her dad Buddy told us she is his new dog, she was a rescue. He told us her story, just three months ago someone had thrown her off a bridge into a river and her left leg had to be amputated from the injuries she sustained from the fall.

My sister-in-law said she couldn’t believe how evil people can be; to do this horrible act to an innocent animal. We were talking and we both agreed that goodness can and does outweigh evil. With River there was one evil person who threw her off that bridge on a cold January morning. However, the goodness started with the man fishing under the bridge. He jumped into the freezing cold river to save her, he rushed her to the vet. The vet stabilized her and reached out to a boxer rescue who paid for her bills, recovery and her surgery. She was fostered and then adopted by Buddy who just adores her.

Animal rescue can be heartbreaking, but the goodness they do far outweighs the cruelty. To all the wonderful people who help in animal rescue thank you and never grow tired of doing good.

~ Barbara Coe

Sid The Senior

[text-blocks id=”polaroid” classes=”happy-tails-photo” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/sid-2-e1489409244930-300×300.jpg” width=”300″ height=”300″ text=”Sid And Nancy” plain=”1″]Thank You Nancy

Nancy finally made it official and adopted Sid! She was so nice to step up and foster this sweet boy when we did not have a foster for him. Her daughter Emily is also a valued volunteer and I think she knew all along there was a plan :). Sid came to us as a return as a lady no longer wanted to care for him (both she and he were seniors). Sid had a big fatty tumor that we removed just to help him feel and look a bit better. We updated his shots and worked to find someone looking for a smaller senior. We love to take in seniors but the adopter pool is certainly smaller.

Emily mentioned “He’ll be living his senior years in Wake Forest right near Joyner Park, his favorite place to take walks. I knew they would be a good fit! The bonding just took a little time. Thanks to everyone who had a part in Sid’s happy tail!”

Thank you Nancy, Emily (for your forward thinking vision πŸ™‚ ), and the fosters who helped him find his forever home!

Copper’s Happy Tail

[text-blocks id=”polaroid” classes=”happy-tails-photo” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/copper-e1489494886857-300×300.jpg” width=”300″ height=”300″ text=”Cooper – Doing Great” plain=”1″]Copper’s Story

Here is another adoption success story for Paws for Life Animal Rescue NC. Meet Copper, Copper was rescued from the local high kill shelter. He was rescued and scheduled to be transported to partner rescue organization up north. Unfortunately, while going for his neuter and health certificate he had a bad experience in his crate and the partner rescue organization decided to not accept him into their program. So back into our program he went. His foster Mom worked hard to help him overcome his issues. One day at an adoption event a young lady feel in love with Copper. She filled out an application and a home visit was set up. While at the home visit it was decided Copper would do a week long home trial. Well that was it, at the end of that week Copper found his forever home. Here is an update from Copper’s new family:

Six Months In

Copper is doing great. We’ve reached the 6 month mark since his adoption but honestly it feels like he’s always been here. We love him so much! He’s got such a big personality and is such a fun dog to be around. He loves to be outside and run around (fastest dog I’ve ever seen!) and then we come back to the apartment and snuggle up together. He would play with his toys all day and night if he could. He loves them! His favorite is still that clear and green puzzle bone you gave him when we adopted him πŸ˜‚

He’s made a few trips back to Connecticut with us and has done great. He does get a bit nervous when he first meets people but once he warms up he is the friendliest dog on the block!! He passed the Adult 1 class at Petco with flying colors. He’s improved tremendously with walking on the leash, but we still have work to do (part of which the trainer said comes with age). Overall, he’s done really well here and we truly feel that he’s a member of our family and we’re so grateful for him.

~ Kathleen & Chris

Dutchess Happy Tail

[text-blocks id=”polaroid” classes=”happy-tails-photo” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/Dutchess-e1489408648513-300×270.jpg” width=”300″ height=”270″ text=”Dutchess And Family” plain=”1″]A Better Life, Thanks to Paws For Life

Dutchess is off to a better life, better than the life of the stray she had. She will be spending the rest of her many years with Jim and Liz Gallagher in Raleigh. Liz fell in love with her as soon as she saw her picture on our web site. It pained them so to have to wait until she had recovered from her many ailments but it was worth it. Fair winds and following seas Dutchess. Enjoy your new home.

Triple Dog Adoption Day!

TRIPLE Adoption Day!πŸ•πŸ•πŸ•


Leonardo who will be called Leo for short was adopted this afternoon to his new mom Abby! Abby saw his pic and immediately felt a connection. She wasn’t looking for a dog but knew she had to add him to the family! She has waited a few weeks since applying to finally take this boy home today. He’s already being spoiled and will have a dog sister to play with in his new home!


Shredder was the next to be adopted by his dad Darren! His new name will be Bauer. His dad works for the Carolina Hurricanes and has had a busy life. He had been waiting to get a puppy for a few years as he wanted to be sure he could give the puppy everything it needs. It was clear how happy his new dad was today. He couldn’t stop smiling and petting the little guy as we completed the adoption! Nothing but happy days ahead for those two!


Last but not least Buttercup found her forever home today too! Her mom Brianne works at one of our favorite vets Heritage Animal Hospital Wake Forest, NC! When she applied we knew she would be a great fit for one of our puppies. Brianne will soon be off to vet school and miss Buttercup now known as Derby will be joining her! Lots of adventures ahead.🐾🐾

~ Megan Adcock

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