Open Your Door and Save a Life!

Paws for Life NC uses volunteers to provide safe and loving foster homes for the homeless dogs and cats that we rescue until they find forever homes. Fostering is rewarding and it is an effective method for saving lives of animals who have no one else. YOU can make a difference in the lives of one of these animals!

Reasons to Foster

  • Fostering saves adoptable animals from probable death at overcrowded shelters and gives them a bright future!
  • It gives them a safe and loving home with kind people to teach them manners and trust while they await their forever families.
  • It helps the pet to be matched to the right adopter as the foster family learns about its personality, likes, and dislikes. A good placement with the right adoptive family assures that they will never be homeless again!
  • It is a good way to determine if you want to be a permanent pet owner. You will learn what is involved in caring for a pet without the permanent commitment.
  • It is one of the most rewarding things you will ever do.

What Makes a Great Foster Caregiver?

  • Families of any kind. It is a great family project! Working together to save and care for a life teaches compassion and responsibility to children.
  • Single folks. Enjoy the companionship of a homeless pet without the financial commitment. A great way to meet other animal lovers like yourself!
  • Retirees. How perfect that you have extra time to socialize and work with a pet without making a lifetime commitment. Your flexible hours are perfect for bottle babies! And many retirees have much experience with pet care to offer.

What Paws For Life Does

  • We will pay for all vet bills and provide food and supplies.
  • We will give you a support team and all needed guidance.
  • We will advertise and promote your foster pet in multiple ways and provide weekly adoption events so that your foster pet can be seen by potential adopters.

What are the responsibilities of the foster?

  • Give the pet a safe and loving temporary home. Feed them on a regular schedule, provide stimulation and exercise. Work on teaching them good house manners to make them more adoptable.
  • Bring foster pets to our weekly adoption events at least twice a month until adopted.
  • Transport to our veterinarian when needed and administer medications prescribed.


Can I become a foster caregiver if I have never had a pet?

Yes! We will give you all of the support and guidance you need. And what a great way to determine if pet ownership is what you want for yourself!

Can I become a foster caregiver if I have pets of my own?

Yes! We welcome pet owners as fosters. In fact, it helps the foster pets with socialization if they live with other pets. We work with each foster caregiver individually to match a foster pet with their current pets and life styles.

How long do animals stay in foster care?

Generally, it can range from two weeks to several months. Puppies and kittens are usually adopted quickly while older or special needs pets may wait longer for a permanent home.

What expenses are involved in foster care?

Foster caregivers provide housing and transportation for the animals in their care. PFL covers all other expenses including food, supplies, and vet bills.

What are the special needs of nursing mothers and kittens or puppies?

You will need to provide a separate room where they feel safe to grow. Your schedule should allow for multiple daily feedings and cleaning up after them. They will require additional trips to the vet for shots and medications.

Can I adopt my foster pet?

We discourage the adoption of a foster pet because it usually ends the fostering process. By adopting one you miss out on saving many more. But if you really can’t part with your foster pet we do understand and permit adoption if you are able to provide a lifetime home for the pet.

How is the right forever home determined?

Potential adopters must submit an adoption application. Our volunteers screen the application to make sure they meet our specific standards for adoption. This is to ensure that they are never homeless or mistreated again. The foster parent is involved in the process and must feel that the match is the right fit for the pet. Foster parents often get updates on the pet after adoption. Getting a happy update makes it all worth it!

Ready to get started?

Please fill out a FOSTER APPLICATION at and we will be in touch with you right away! We will be happy to answer any other questions you have.