Geronimo!!!! Where’d Your Fur Go?

Fur can definitely cover how malnourished a dog is!

Geronimo was found as a stray. When no owners turned up he was posted on Craigslist for rehoming. Of course a few wonderful volunteers sent me the post and I sent them a message. Thankfully the finder wanted him to go on a rescue.

My wonderful friend Maria Verde volunteered to pick him up and bring him back to me at the end of last week. At first glance we noticed how dirty he appeared. When touching him you could feel how boney he was underneath all that fur, we also felt the matted fur underneath and knew it was more than we could handle.

The next morning we took him to get his rabies shot so he could be groomed. The vet noted he could hardly get the needle to the skin because of how badly matted he was. When we finally got to the groomers they said he needed to be shaved. As much as I am against shaving a husky there was really not much choice.

When he was picked up I almost cried seeing him without his fur and how skinny he appeared. They told me he has to have 3 baths, and was infested with fleas. 🙁

Despite being skinny and matted he appears healthy. He is neutered, up on date on shots, and on monthly preventatives now. I can only imagine how beautiful his fur will be once it grows back.

Geronimo is the sweetest boy and will be adopted quickly I’m sure! 😉

~ Megan Adcock

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