Comet – A Happy Tail

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Comet is wonderful. Eating like a pig loves the pedigree and the chicken and rice I cooked. I have been trying to figure out how to upload pictures of him. I will keep trying. What treats did you feed him? He will not eat the ones pet co gave me an I bought some little Cesar and he won’t eat them either.

He has learned to get up behind the recliner and look out the window. How watches me leave in the morning and when he hears my car he hops back up there.

I really didn’t know I could love him so much. Thank you for finding him for me.

Know he is in good hands. He has figured out how to get on the bed with me..I have a trunk at the foot of my bed he jumps from floor to trunk to bed. He also takes up 1/2 of the bed. The 1/2 in the middle. Love him

~ Wanda

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