Cat Adoption Story – Patience

[text-blocks id=”polaroid” classes=”happy-tail-photo” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/Patience-225×300.jpg” width=”225″ height=”300″ text=”A Patient Fairy Tail” plain=”1″]Once upon a time, a sweet, gentle, black-and-white kitten was dropped at a high-kill shelter. Luckily, she was spayed by a local group so once placed on the adoption floor, there she remained. For months. And months. We were finally able to rescue her and bring her into our program but by then the poor little girl was almost a year old and extremely fearful. We named her Patience, knowing it would take a patient adopter to win her over. Even in her new foster home she hid in her carrier, the litter box, the covered bed placed in her new room. Finally, she came out for wet food and then allowed her foster mama to pet her. She flourished under the healing power of human interaction. Within weeks she was roaming the entire house, making friends with the other cats…and craving attention. Then, within two days of being placed in an adoption condo, she won two more hearts. A couple wanted a shy cat to be friends with their other shy cat. Their home would be the perfect, loving, patient environment she needed. Truly, there is a home for every animal and a true reward for patience.

~ Melissa Jeglinski

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