Traveling With Pets

Go Pet-Friendly

Traveling with pets can be a bit of a challenge. Trying to determine a hotel or campsites to stay on a route that accepts pets can add a lot of stress to a trip! And once you get to your destination, what parks, beaches, restaurants, or other attractions can you take your pets to?

Luckily, other people have had the same struggle. Thus, there is Go Pet-Friendly. It’s an online service that helps you find all the best places to take stay and to take your pet while traveling. They even have a Road Trip Planner that will help you visualize and keep track of it all.

Trips With Pets

Another helpful online service is Trips With Pets. Like Go Pet-Friendly it lets you search a route for the best accommodations for you and your pets. Though, it goes a bit further and provides summaries of the hotel, airline, and car rental company’s pet policies.

Between these services, we think you should be covered. However, if you have any tips or suggestions you think they are missing definitely reach out to us and let us know! We’re always looking for new tricks for our team of volunteers and their foster pets!