“You Don’t Have a Shelter?”

We Foster!

That’s a question I get all the time at adoption events. The public is often surprised that Paws For Life operates without a physical shelter for our animals. “You don’t send them back to animal control if they aren’t adopted?” they ask.

I’m always pleased to respond that although most of the cats and dogs in our program are pulled from animal-control-operated shelters, we will never put them back there again. Our one-hundred percent volunteer-run organization ensures that each adoptable cat and dog in our program lives with a foster. Without a physical Paws For Life owned building, we solely rely on our fosters to care and house our animals. Each additional foster home we have means more cats and dogs can be rescued.

Do you have a space to temporarily home one of our adoptable pets? We provide all vetting and supplies for the animals and ask that you bring your foster to at least two adoption events per month so they can be seen by potential adopters. Your kindness and care is key to helping them transition from shelter life to forever homes.

For more information on how to help save more loving, sweet cats and dogs, discover how you can become a foster, or learn about other ways to get involved with Paws For Life.

~ Melissa Jeglinski