Molly – The Jamberry Therapy Dog

Foster Failing, By Nerdy People

So, we foster dogs, and last June, we pulled a pit and her 8 puppies from the local shelter. She was skin and bones, heartworm positive, in bad shape (my husband had to carry her a few times because she was so weak), but very sweet and trusting. Because we’re nerds, we named her Molly, and the puppies got Harry Potter names. It became apparent pretty quickly that Molly Weasley was going to become Molly Mercer.

We got her back to a normal weight, taught her basic manners, got her treated for her heartworm infection, got several tumors removed, and last month, she started a basic obedience class, because we thought she could be a therapy dog. The instructor agreed that she is an ideal dog for this, and is having Moo and a friend’s dog (a rescued mastiff) skip to the next class because they’re doing so great. So we’re going to start level 2 on Tuesday, then it’ll be on to Canine Good Citizen in June (she’ll have to sit 20ft from me for a minute before I call her back 😳), and finally therapy dog certification class!

We are so so proud of our MooMoo! And #becauseofjamberry, I can pay for her classes without touching our budget. She even got a new antler and treats last night because she did do great. And the red mark on her head is lipstick. 😂

I think I’ll treat her to a bath and nail trim this weekend, and then she’ll get Jams on her nails, lol!

~ Cecile Mercer

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