Our best year yet, 2016

We would like to THANK all of you who have supported the work of the Franklin County Humane Society, which from here on will be called Paws For Life Animal Rescue, for your part in saving the lives of so many homeless pets.

Here are are numbers for 2016:

  • Dogs adopted: 411
  • Dogs transported (from shelters to our partner rescues): 74
  • Dogs currently in foster care: 40
  • Cats adopted: 288
  • Cats currently in foster care: 59

That is a total of 872 animals who are safe, have bright futures, and are spayed/neutered so that they will not add to the future overpopulation of unwanted animals.
Whether you sent in a donation, fostered one of these pets, helped at adoption events, sponsored our fundraisers, or contributed in ANY way, you share in saving these lives. THANK YOU! We hope to do even more in 2017!

Introducing Paws For Life Animal Rescue

Phasing out of Franklin County Humane Society (FCHS)

Over the years we’ve done some wonderful work under this name! But we’ve also had some problems with clarity on what exactly we do — particularly, confusion with other Franklin County animal organizations.

So, in the interest of making our mission clear, we’ve decided to start our Animal Rescue under a name that we’ve been using for our annual 5k event — Paws For Life Animal Rescue NC.

What’s Happening to “Franklin County Humane Society”

Franklin County Humane Society is still operational, we are just running programs under different names. We have our Working Cats Program, SNIF Program (Spay/Neuter In Franklin County) and now Paws For Life Animal Rescue!

It was tiring work <yawn>… but we’ve relaunched our website!

Now that we’ve rebranded from FCHS to Paws For Life Animal Rescue, we felt it was also time to relaunch the website. We’ll no longer be at fcshnc.org, but instead we’ll now be at pawsforlifenc.org (don’t worry, old links should still get you here for a while). Long hours went into trying to improve our site experience in order to help support our online presence and spread our message!

As part of the relaunch, we’re trying out a new blog that we hope will enable us to keep the community updated with the latest news and events. It’ll also be a platform for us to provide insider posts about our volunteers, foster families, as well as adoption stories and follow-ups.

Let us know if you have any suggestions about things you’d like to see here, difficulties you had finding things, or any other suggestions. Our goal is to make it useful for those looking to adopt or get involved with us at the Paws For Life! We’re looking forward to your feedback!

We wanted to call out some of the companies that are providing great services to non-profit organizations (like ourselves!), making this all possible for us. DreamHost is providing our hosting free of charge. Also, a shout-out Pixabay and Pexels for their great selection of free to use images!

Along with a new site, we also have started using Google Apps for Nonprofits, allowing us easier management of our volunteers and fosters, with an additional benefit of being able to use @pawsforlifenc.org email addresses. We’re really excited about this, hopefully it helps us serve you better.