Frank – A Happy Tail

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The little guy (“Wee Frank,” around town) is doing fabulously. He made it through the mess of the holidays like a champ–and his UNDYING LOVE for snow kept us laughing through a couple of winter storms. He even developed his own method of “curling.”

I got a fitness watch for my birthday and Frank has been gung-ho to help me meet my daily step goals. He’s also been going to ‘day camp’ about once a week, and seems to love it. He has a couple of canine friends he plays with there, and is learning some agility and search-and-rescue tasks! We just started a weekend group obedience class at the same place, and he’s such a fast learner.

People come and go from our house a good bit–he’s an exuberant greeter, to be sure, but he’s charmed every guest with his high-fives and dapper good looks. At the end of the day, we can still count on him to snuggle up and read a book with us. I’m a big fan of this–I call him my furry hot water bottle.

We’re all enjoying the longer days and better weather–and more time outside together, in general. His personality comes out a little more each month, it seems, as he gets more and more confident. We’re pretty sure he likes us, too!

~ Stephanie and Dustin