Nemo – A Happy Tail

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Hello Miss Emory!

He was an amazing boy yesterday! When y’all left, we took him for an hour walk around the park. He was not used to walks on a leash so it took some time getting him used to us leading. He loved sniffing everything of course and he would flip out in the best of ways when ever he saw other dogs. He is still unsure of meeting strangers and people riding bicycles scare the dickens out of him, but he is learning and adjusting very well.

We took him on another car ride to Gabe’s parents house. It took some time and plenty of Oscar Meyer Bologna to convince him that his parents weren’t going to hurt him. Poor little guy was scared of any males trying to pet him. I can only imagine what his life was like before…

Anyways, they have a HUGE backyard so he had a blast running around! He loves his squeaky toys! We gave him another walk with the family before the night was over and he did a lot better with the walk. He even jumped in the car all by himself when we were leaving to go home! He is so smart!

I gave him a bath when he got home. He was nervous but after some coaxing he did just fine. It took some time for him to relax and go to sleep. He kept trying to dig his bones in the carpet to save for later! He seems to groan in his sleep. I hope he wasn’t home sick…

Around 430 he woke me up to go pee. He has been perfect since. He went for two long walks today and we heard his first bark this morning! He saw some religious people walking around door to door and was so curious! He’s taking a nap right now.

Oh! And by the way! Our neighbors actually gave us a free dog cage! It’s huge! They were moving and didn’t make the room for it so they offered it to us. I do appreciate your offer for your cage. Thank you so much for your generosity! And thank you for little ‘Nemo’! 🙂

Linis – A Happy Tail

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Linis is eating well these days, maybe too well. Eagan leaves food all over house, Linis is quick to find it. We are learning to keep all food up high. Avi is tall but she isn’t as quick as Linis.

Aram said last week Linis has been a great addition to the family. He is big enough to handle Eagan playing with him but small enough for a 4 dog house hold. He is very sweet.

I’m having dog hair problems. I started combing him and Avi with FurGo comb two weeks ago. I was combing Linis 4 times a day and the hair was still coming out. Now I just comb 1 to 2 times a day. Last summer I shaved avi after vet suggestion. She has chow fur in the winter. By summer was improved and I think Avi liked it. The kids hated her being shaved. I won’t do that to Linis but I will shave Avi in a few months.

Thanks, Linis is awesome

~ Polly