Comet – A Happy Tail

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Comet is wonderful. Eating like a pig loves the pedigree and the chicken and rice I cooked. I have been trying to figure out how to upload pictures of him. I will keep trying. What treats did you feed him? He will not eat the ones pet co gave me an I bought some little Cesar and he won’t eat them either.

He has learned to get up behind the recliner and look out the window. How watches me leave in the morning and when he hears my car he hops back up there.

I really didn’t know I could love him so much. Thank you for finding him for me.

Know he is in good hands. He has figured out how to get on the bed with me..I have a trunk at the foot of my bed he jumps from floor to trunk to bed. He also takes up 1/2 of the bed. The 1/2 in the middle. Love him

~ Wanda

Teddy – A Happy Tail

It’s been two months since we got Teddy so I just wanted to check in. We can not thank you enough for finding him for us. He has been the most amazing dog for both me and Matt!

He runs with me every day and is getting better and better on the leash. He LOVES to swim and we have taken him as often as we can out at Falls Lake and the beach. The beach has been his favorite so far. He can swim and chase birds, what else does he need?!

He is exceptionally spoiled and spends every day either working from home with me or at the office with Matt. He has even been sneaking his way into the bed at night. He’s so laid back and loves to snuggle with anyone. Teddy is great with other dogs but doesn’t love to share his favorite things (including me).

He is growing like crazy and has put on 16 lbs in the two months we’ve had him and is up to 39lbs. He’ll be a big boy! I am just so thankful for you and the Franklin County Humane Society for finding him.

~ Hilary & Matt

Zen – A Happy Tail

[text-blocks id=”polaroid” classes=”happy-tail-photo” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/Zen-bunny-in-new-home-300×225.jpg” width=”300″ height=”225″ text=”Zen chilling” plain=”1″]Formerly Bunny

Hi there. This is Zen (you knew her as Bunny) a few days after I brought her home.

She is an absolutely perfect cat. Happy, playful, funny, mellow and very, very loving. So glad I chose her. She has a WONDERFUL life here.

Many thanks!!!!!

~ Ginny

Minuit – A Happy Tail

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It is officially one year and one day since you allowed us to adopt this beautiful kitty! We all love her so much.

Thank you again for our
wonderful furry family member.


~ The Worshams

Kahn – A Happy Tail

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Kahn is doing amazing!!!! He lights up our whole day.

We have been taking him to a new pet friendly restaurant or store every day and then we play fetch in the front yard. He already knows sit, down, and spin! He has learned how to nudge us to go potty as well.

He is spending time with all my friends dogs as well as my family’s dogs and they all play well together. I totally lucked out by getting him.

We are signing up for his puppy classes at Teamworks (where Jesi works) next week!

Thank you so much for being a big part of what led him to me! The world needs more people like you and Jesi!

Thank you!!!

Junior – A Happy Tail

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Junior is doing great. He settled right in with only a few pee accidents in the house, as we were learning from each other when we needed to go out. He has put on a few more pounds, which the vet is pleased with.

We are all wondering how we managed before Junior came into our hearts. He is such a playful, loving dog. He has made several new “doggie” friends in the neighborhood. All of whom love it when he comes over to play:).

He really enjoys sleeping in one of the kids rooms at night, which they fight over whose turn it is. And, still uses his crate when we are out of the house, slowly starting to give him a little more freedom for short amounts of time.

We are still working on getting him to come when called, but he has done really well knowing what are his toys and not. The vacuum cleaner is one of his favorite “pastimes” loves to bark at it and keeps expecting it to start playing with him.

This weekend will be his first road trip in the car. Not expecting any issues as he loves going for a ride when we go up to Joyner or I’m dropping kids off somewhere

~ Jeff & Kim

Nemo – A Happy Tail

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Hello Miss Emory!

He was an amazing boy yesterday! When y’all left, we took him for an hour walk around the park. He was not used to walks on a leash so it took some time getting him used to us leading. He loved sniffing everything of course and he would flip out in the best of ways when ever he saw other dogs. He is still unsure of meeting strangers and people riding bicycles scare the dickens out of him, but he is learning and adjusting very well.

We took him on another car ride to Gabe’s parents house. It took some time and plenty of Oscar Meyer Bologna to convince him that his parents weren’t going to hurt him. Poor little guy was scared of any males trying to pet him. I can only imagine what his life was like before…

Anyways, they have a HUGE backyard so he had a blast running around! He loves his squeaky toys! We gave him another walk with the family before the night was over and he did a lot better with the walk. He even jumped in the car all by himself when we were leaving to go home! He is so smart!

I gave him a bath when he got home. He was nervous but after some coaxing he did just fine. It took some time for him to relax and go to sleep. He kept trying to dig his bones in the carpet to save for later! He seems to groan in his sleep. I hope he wasn’t home sick…

Around 430 he woke me up to go pee. He has been perfect since. He went for two long walks today and we heard his first bark this morning! He saw some religious people walking around door to door and was so curious! He’s taking a nap right now.

Oh! And by the way! Our neighbors actually gave us a free dog cage! It’s huge! They were moving and didn’t make the room for it so they offered it to us. I do appreciate your offer for your cage. Thank you so much for your generosity! And thank you for little ‘Nemo’! 🙂

Linis – A Happy Tail

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Linis is eating well these days, maybe too well. Eagan leaves food all over house, Linis is quick to find it. We are learning to keep all food up high. Avi is tall but she isn’t as quick as Linis.

Aram said last week Linis has been a great addition to the family. He is big enough to handle Eagan playing with him but small enough for a 4 dog house hold. He is very sweet.

I’m having dog hair problems. I started combing him and Avi with FurGo comb two weeks ago. I was combing Linis 4 times a day and the hair was still coming out. Now I just comb 1 to 2 times a day. Last summer I shaved avi after vet suggestion. She has chow fur in the winter. By summer was improved and I think Avi liked it. The kids hated her being shaved. I won’t do that to Linis but I will shave Avi in a few months.

Thanks, Linis is awesome

~ Polly

Luke – A Happy Tail

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Luke is doing fantastic,especially with the baby! We are so proud of him:)

He gets regular check ups and manicures at the vet and is in great health! We couldn’t imagine our lives without him!

As you can see he always right there with his sister!

Addy – A Happy Tail

[text-blocks id=”polaroid” classes=”happy-tail-photo” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/Stormy-Ann-New-Home-website.jpeg” width=”300″ height=”225″ text=”Addy getting snuggles” plain=”1″]Formerly Stormy Ann

Hey, just wanted to update you. She’s had a seamless transition into our home, we couldn’t have asked for anything better, she is so sweet and loving and is completely spoiled rotten now.

She didn’t respond to the name Stormy, so my little ones started calling her Addy, she’s beginning to recognize and respond to her new name.

She’s really attached to my son, when he comes home from school the moment he sits down she in his lap.

When we lounge she likes to sleep on her back and stretch out, she has one heck of a personality.

She’s great, and we just want to say thank you!