Sochi – A Happy Tail

[text-blocks id=”polaroid” classes=”happy-tail-photo” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/Sochi-in-new-home-300×168.jpg” width=”300″ height=”168″ text=”Sochi in his new home” plain=”1″]

I can understand why the woman who had to give him up for adoption cried. He is the most loving cat and the calmest cat I’ve ever seen. And I’ll add the bravest cat.

I was going to keep him in the back bedroom, but he wasn’t going to have any of that. I set up two gates one on top of the other thinking that he couldn’t jump over them. But he proved me wrong. As soon as I left his sight he jumped over both of those fences which is equivalent to about a little over 4 feet and the next thing I know he was in the living room with me and the dogs. He doesn’t mind the dogs at all, he’s not a bit afraid of them.

My other cat Kuna finally got to see him and he’s not very happy about it right now. Kuna is a very sweet cat but he’s always been very afraid, but I’m hoping that with time he will come around. Sochi didn’t mind at all that Kuna was yelling at him very loudly . He just laid there is if nothing was happening. I cannot believe how wonderful he is and how brave he is. I do believe that if anybody can turn around Kuna it’ll be him.

Wish us the best of luck. I’m so very happy to have him as he lays right by my side at this very minute. He’s all sprawled out on his back with his tummy ready to be rubbed again.

Right now I have all of my animals except for Kuna right beside me as I write.

~ Cynthia